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Case Study

Implementation of Epicor 10 ERP at Bond Interiors, a multinational company based out of Dubai

Epicor ERP Implementation, ERP for Interior Design
ERP for Interior Design
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About Customer

  • Over 2,000 employees

  • Specialized in the interior contracting industry since 1986

  • Headquartered in the UAE with offices across the Middle East and Asia

  • Projects span across the sectors of Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking, Corporate, Food & Beverage and Retail

Business Challenges

Managing labour requirements across project locations posed significant challenges. The dynamic nature of projects and varying geographical locations introduces complexities in planning. With inventory spread across different sites and projects, attaining real-time visibility becomes increasingly complex.

Despite careful estimation and planning, projects encounter resource fluctuations and unforeseen circumstances that significantly impact the actual project cost against the estimate. Unplanned project cost overruns had actual expenses during the project execution surpass the initial budgetary estimates, resulting in increased odds of financial strain and resource allocation challenges.


Business operations experienced complexities associated with managing the planning and handling aspects of raw materials. The lack of an integrated view of finance across the organization hindered effective financial management and consequently, decision-making. The limitation in integrating multiple third-party applications impacted operational efficiency and seamless data flow in the digital infrastructure.

By implementing a standardised ERP solution, organisations achieve a comprehensive and consistent understanding of their business operations, regardless of location. Additionally, such a solution helps minimise expenses related to support and maintenance while enabling businesses to identify specific measures to enhance operational efficiency.

Our Solution

Implementing Epicor10 with various modules including Projects, Production, Quality Assurance, Financial, Inventory, Purchasing, Sales, and Payroll, has brought significant advantages by ensuring a structured implementation adhering to all statutory requirements.

An integrated view of all third-party managed operations, enabled seamless coordination between estimation, procurement and project execution through the ERP system. Material requests were validated based on specifications and cost, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Time and attendance integrated and served payroll and project costing purposes. Additionally, automating material codification with 8 different attributes streamlined the process.

The budget definition was based on estimates and included variance analysis, facilitating effective financial planning. Finally, the implementation consolidated planning for all departments, from design (engineering) to execution, ushering in a holistic approach to project management.

Business Benefits

  • Implementing robust sales and inventory forecasting methods helped prevent excessive stocking and minimized wastage.
  • Generating financial reports in a timely manner, along with accurate inventory valuation, gave improved outcomes and more informed decision-making processes.
  • The implementation of streamlined inventory management and production processes lead to a significant increase in productivity.
  • Eliminating manual reporting processes and expediting month-end closing activities, along with other cross-functional processes, significantly enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Utilizing EPICOR Social Enterprise fostered better collaboration between departments, resulting in faster decision-making processes.
  • Ensuring enhanced data security and implementing restricted access to sensitive information safeguards business data, to stay ahead of the competitor.

Implementation and Support

At RheinBrücke, we offer a range of services to assist our customers in various industries including interior contracting. Our services include ERP implementation, support, and rollout, which aim to automate essential functions and ensure quality control throughout the process for our client’s convenience.

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