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Case Study

Implementation of Epicor 10 ERP in Oman Fibre Optic – Oman, A leading Manufacturer of world class fibre cable products

Epicor ERP Implementation, ERP for Manufacturing Industry, ERP for Discrete Manufacturing, ERP for Cable Manufacturing
ERP for Manufacturing Industry, ERP for Discrete Manufacturing, ERP for Cable Manufacturing
Oman Fibre optic cable manufacturing

About Customer

  • Headquarters: Muscat, Oman
  • Industry: Oman Fiber Optic Co. S.A.O.G. (OFO) is a public listed company that commenced cable production in early 1999.
  • OFO uses state-of-the-art technology to draw fiber and manufacture world class fiber cable products.

Business Challenges

The main hurdle is managing the base fibre and optimizing raw material handling for production. Introducing new products presents challenges that involve extensive market research and development. Moreover, making pattern changes to existing products is a complex process that needs careful planning and coordination.

On-demand production scheduling adds complexity, requiring efficient resource allocation and real-time management of customer demands. Raw materials planning and handling are crucial challenges that require effective inventory management and procurement strategies. For a holistic perspective, an integrated view of finance is necessary to streamline financial processes and gain insights into business performance.

And finally, careful planning and execution are required for data migration from legacy applications to modern systems to ensure data integrity and continuity, while manual intervention in various processes impacts efficiency, leading to potential errors and delays.

Implementing a standardised ERP solution gives organisations a precise and consistent comprehension of their business operations, wherever they are. Furthermore, such a solution reduces the expenses associated with support and maintenance and enables businesses to identify targeted measures to enhance operational efficiency throughout.

Our Solution

The implementation of EPICOR 10 with comprehensive modules for Cable Production has proven instrumental in addressing various business challenges through:

  • The structured implementation, compliant with statutory requirements, involved the use of Epicor std. Data Migration Tool and Templates effectively migrated data from the Legacy system to Epicor ERP.

  • The ERP system handled all third-party managed operations in procurement and project execution, while also implementing business process harmonization to simplify operations under a single ERP platform.

  • Multiple sub-assemblies and materials issued to inventory simultaneously, generalised batch number system with barcode generation for multi-level job operations, and automated job orders for daily production from the sales order.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced ‘Accounts Receivables’ Collection Cycle, realistic and faster estimation process, and effective cash flow forecasts for future planning.

  • Real-time integration of business transactions, better collaboration between departments, elimination of manual reporting processes, faster month-end closing activities and streamlined inventory management and production processes.

  • Centralised repository for data, real-time access to ERP data for analysis, improved data security and restricted access to sensitive information, customizable reporting using ERP data and creation of interactive business dashboards and graphical reports.

Implementation and Support

At RheinBrücke, we offer a range of services to assist our customers in various industries including cable production. Our services include ERP implementation, support, and rollout, which aim to automate essential functions and ensure quality control throughout the process for our client’s convenience.

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